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WordPress Website With M.K.R


  First You Open Your Browser 

Search On You're Browser = download wordpress.org ( https://wordpress.org/download/ )

              Click On First Website 

Click On Download And Install

Click Download WordPress

   Search Download Xampp ( https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html )

  Click To Download (64 bit)
       Open XAMPP application

Click Only Start Two Faction Apache and MySQL

Extrack WordPress File

Just Like That 
100% Extrack File Open This File

ctrl + a / ctrl + c  All files

Go To This PC And Click To Local Disk

Go  To  Xampp File

Click On htdocs file

Create A new Folder  Change Name That Folder I Make That Name (hacker)

( ctrl + v ) paste All File
 Go To Google Browser And Search

Search this

Click To Databases

Enter Your Databases Name (hacker)

Search ( localhost/hacker ) 

click ( continue )

click ( Let's Go )

Databaise ( hacker )
user name( root )
password( )
Database host( Local host )
Table Prefix( wp_)

click ( Run )

          Fill like This


                                                               Now you START Make A Website

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